Jens Søndergaard – CEO

Jens has been with Unwire since 2012 and has been CEO since 2013. Jens draws upon his experience from over 20 years in management consultancy and has been the main driver in recent growth in the mobile payment and ticketing business. Jens is a passionate runner and When He is not busy setting the pace in Unwire You can find him crossing finish lines in marathons all over the world.


Lars Andreas Knutsen – VP UX, apps and Web

Lars Heads users experience, app and web development in Unwire. He joined in 2012 and has Unwire in Previously held leadership positions in software portfolio planning and strategy in Nokia and TDC. Leading software creation from concept to implementation with a high-performing team is Lars’ true motivation and passion. Outside work hours, You Will Find Lars devoting time to family, out on the shores in Denmark kitesurfing or bicycling on the roads.


Jens Johan Schwarzer – VP Strategy & R & D

As VP of Strategy and R & D is responsible for Jens Johan spotting new technologies and business opportunities in the market. Jens Johan builds the link between company’s R & D efforts and overall strategic planning. Jens has a background in science journalism and has therefore worked as Development Lead in the Financial Industry. Jens Johan is good at diving deep as well as surface and skimming the look for big waves in the horizon, this is why Jens Johan spends his spare time near the water, where he enjoys kitesurfing, snorkeling and spear gun fishing.

Anders Ravnsbæk

Anders Ravnsbæk – Director of Messaging Development

With a background as Java Developer and a trip around Technical Support, Anders is now managing Unwire’s Messaging team, the very team in Which he started his Unwire career back in 2008. Being responsible of The Unwire SMS Gateway and Event Voting Platform, stability and performance is the main focus for Anders and his team. Besides coordinating the dailyWorkPeriodRegion Anders is Ready for Knee Deep in code debugging and log files if not telling his team Stories from Unwire’s old days.

Stig Jørgensen

Stig Jørgensen – VP Technology

Stig is responsible for setting the overall direction of Unwire’s Technology Platform and he heads the cross-cutting functions in the Development Department – Software Architecture and QA.

Stig is an avid runner always planning for setting a new PB in a race. To Optimise his time, Often you can find him running as transportation to and from the office method. Occasionally he releases excess energy pounding his drum kit in his basement.

Timme Traberg-Andersen

Timme Traberg-Andersen – VP Operations

Timme has been with Unwire since 2012 and has been VP of Operations since 2013. Timme has extensive experience working in technical development in Organizations within the Telco Industry and Mobile Network Operator companies. Operations in Unwire are covering Infrastructure and Technical Support as well as IT & first line support.

Leon Jørgensen – Ticketing Platform Manager

With a background within software development and architecture, Leon has recently taken over the management position for mobile ticketing team. Leon is exited by creating the backend for the mobile ticket solutions within a high-performance team. Leon joined Unwire in 2013 after a long career at Nokia creating products for internal trace, debug and software maturity measuring. Outside office hours Leon enjoys time with family and friends. You will occasionally see Leon running or MTB cycling in the woods.

Christian Ringsheim – VP Business Development & Projects

Christian heads our Project Management team and is responsible for driving business opportunities into Strategic Partnerships. He joined in 2015 and has in Unwire Previously held leadership positions in Microsoft for more than 10 years, and thus bringing experience from more than 10 years within Management Consultancy. Leading a team towards high performance is Christian’s passion and in the spare time you can find Christian youth coaching ambitious mountainbikers going faster on his favorite track muddy.

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