Worried about losing your phone on vacation? Worry no more

Copenhagen 16/07/2013

We’ve all been there – either it falls out of your bag, you leave it at a bar or restaurant, or someone just slips it right out of your pocket. However it happens, we’ve all had bad luck with our mobile phones.

Luckily, there are many security apps for both Android and iPhone that use GPS to track your phone, allow for locking your phone (so that no one can get into it) and even let you wipe it completely (so all your data is completely removed) in case there’s no hope of getting it back. Many of them are also virus protection programs, which give you added protection every time you download an app, or anything else from the internet.

As summer is here and many of us are heading away on vacation, we thought we’d give a little heads up to these apps – many are free, and the paid ones won’t break the bank.

In the list that follows, for both iPhone and Android, we’ve included the ‘need to know’ features (e.g. free or paid, remote locking, tracking, remote wiping etc.). Most of them do have more features, but ones that probably won’t influence your decision to install them for a worry free vacation.

Have a look through and see which one best suits your needs (if we’re honest, they’re all quite similar!).


Find My iPhone (free)

  • Locate your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac
  • Display a custom message on screen
  • Alarm on full volume for two minutes – even if on silent mode
  • Remote lock
  • Remote wipe
  • Driving directions to find device

GadgetTrak ($3.99)

  • Location tracking
  • Remote take photos with front or back camera and email to yourself
  • Push messages to the device to begin tracking

iHound ($3.99)

  • Track device location
  • Sound alarm

If Found Lock Screen ($0.99)

  • Allows you to add contact details to your lock screen

Prey Anti-Theft (free and paid pro options)


  • Locate your device through GPS
  • Take photos through front and back camera
  • Trigger alarm – even if on silent mode
  • Display a tailored message on screen


  • Track unlimited number of devices
  • On demand reports
  • Email support


Lookout (free and paid for options)


  • Scan all apps and numbers for viruses and possible scams
  • Find your phone on Google Maps
  • Remote trigger an alarm so you can find it
  • Receive an email with photo and location of anyone who tries to unlock your phone
  • Back up your contacts
  • Restore contacts to existing phone from lookout.com


  • Blocking dangerous URLs
  • Remote locking
  • Remote wipe
  • Transfer contacts, pictures and call history to new device

Where’s My Droid? (free and paid for options)


  • Locate your phone by making it ring or vibrate
  • Use GPS to find your phone
  • Hide incoming text messages


  • Take photos remotely
  • Remote lock
  • Remote wipe
  • Use a landline to activate app
  • Customizable ringtone when lost

Plan B (free)

The only app you can use after you’ve lost your phone, you can use it to locate your phone by installing it from Google Play.

Android Lost (free)

  • Remote wipe
  • Remote lock
  • Read sent and received text messages
  • Erase SD card
  • Locate by GPS or network
  • Start an alarm
  • Remote install
  • Start/stop wifi and GPS
  • Take photos with front or back camera
  • Make your phone speak with text to speak
  • Remote alarm

SeekDroid ($0.99)

  • Control multiple devices with one account
  • Locate with GPS
  • Track the device using breadcrumbs
  • Remote alarm
  • Remote set-up
  • Retrieve recent calls
  • Remote wipe entire phone
  • Remote wipe SD card
  • Hide from app list
  • Disable app from being uninstalled

Prey Anti-Theft (free and paid options)


  • Remote lock
  • Remote photo taking from both front and back camera
  • Remote alarm – even if on silent
  • Gather network information your device is connected to
  • SIM card change detection
  • Anti-uninstall


  • Track an unlimited number of devices
  • Email support
  • On demand reports giving you all information about your devices

McAfee (free for 14 days)

  • McAfee Active Protection – anti-virus scanning
  • Remote lock
  • Remote wipe
  • Backup and restore data
  • Locate and track your device
  • Call blocker and SMS filter

AVG AntiVirus (free)

  • Scan apps, media and files for viruses
  • Locate phone with Google Maps
  • Remote lock and remote wipe
  • Remote alarm – even on silent mode

And finally… Ever wonder what happens to your phone after it’s been stolen?


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