Mobile Ticketing for Swedish Ferry Company Färjerederiet is Live

Copenhagen 13/08/2013

Thanks to great work from all sides, our unique mobile ticketing solution is up and running.

Back in March we reported that we had won an exciting mobile ticketing contract with Sweden’s Färjerederiet. We hoped to bring a unique mobile ticketing solution to their paid ferry routes, one that could really set the standard for mobile ticketing and ferries, and we’re thrilled to announce that the system is up and running, 100% on time.

A dedicated team from Unwire and Färjerederiet have spent the past few months hard at work designing, developing, and testing all aspects of the ticketing solution, and live testing began on July 1st.

The unique solution is built upon our mobile ticketing platform, and includes SMS ticketing, integrated ticket vending machines and license plate recognition cameras as well as a smartphone app to be used by ticket inspectors.

Mobile ticketing saves a significant amount of time for passengers and staff, and helps push something so traditional as ferry travel into the digital age of mobile – and with such a unique solution. We’re very happy to have played a part in that. Of course, it’s more than a time-saver. It saves a great deal of money by reducing the reliance on ticket vending machines and thus the cost of paper, maintenance, and support staff, and also in terms of fare evasion. It will be virtually impossible to board the ferry without a ticket and escape unnoticed. It really is a solution that would be perfect for any paid car-ferries in the world.

Passengers can purchase single tickets through SMS, and monthly passes and multi-use vouchers through vending machines. The passengers (and their tickets) are validated by a camera that reads the license plate of each vehicle as it boards and leaves the ferry. Via an app on a handheld device, the ferry’s staff are able to monitor if any vehicles without a valid ticket have boarded the ferry. If the app detects a vehicle that hasn’t bought a ticket, the app notifies the ticket inspector, who then issues a fine to that vehicle owner.

Full market implementation relies on the testing period that runs until October 31st. It is of utmost importance to listen to passengers’ feedback and to develop the system accordingly. Even though the overall system is completely different from anything passengers and staff have used before, meaning unlearning and relearning new habits and practices, implementation is running as planned and already in the first few weeks, over 4000 tickets have been upgraded to the new system.


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