Mobile Ticketing to the Lone Star State

Copenhagen 25/01/2013

Together with Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Unwire is mobilizing Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton County.

We’re working hard on a mobile ticketing app for DART, Dallas’ transit agency (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and thought we’d fill you in a bit on the progress. We started working with DART in late September 2012, after winning a tender over 19 other companies. The mobile ticketing app will cover Dallas with DART, Fort Worth with The T, and Denton County, with DCTA (Denton County Transportation Authority).

Mobile ticketing was a completely new area to all transit agencies involved. Relying on traditional ticketing methods, they had always paid close attention to mobile ticketing in other US cities and counties and decided that the time had come for them to go mobile and offer their passengers the many benefits of mobile ticketing.

The entire process has been very user-orientated, and based around close teamwork. Our project team has visited Dallas a number of times, and been involved in several panels for user-testing and feedback regarding the app, layout, branding, colors etc.

“DART has been very pleased to work with Unwire on the design process to-date. Everyone we have worked with at Unwire, from our Project Manager, Helena Gustavsson, to the UX team under the leadership of Lars Knutsen, has shown the same work ethic and commitment to excellence that is going to make our application world-class,” says Lawrence Sutton, Project Manager, Mobile Ticketing for DART.

It’s not finished yet, but we’re getting there. The original app has changed hugely throughout the process, which has been a real challenge for both teams – and we’ve loved it. We had to push our technology like never before, and our design team have had to incorporate a huge amount of information in the app while keeping it user-friendly and good-looking.

We’ll be sharing lots more when the app goes live (Spring/Summer2013). Look forward – especially if you’re in the Dallas area!

For more information:
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Online Communications Manager
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