Mobile World Congress – The Story So Far

Copenhagen 27/02/2013


With more than 70,500 m2 of exhibition space and around 1,500 exhibitors – not to mention the 60,000+ visitors – the past few days at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Fira Gran Via have been hard on the feet, fairly easy on the eye thanks to some fantastic booths, and most importantly, great for Unwire.

We’ve got a team of 15 here, including marketing, senior management – including PA, sales, developers and some friends from sister companies, inmodo and Pertura. Together we can answer pretty much anything people have been asking us, even where you can go for the good coffee (just alongside Oberthur Technologies in hall 6 – small cart, the lovely Daisy Rollo), and answering we have been. From companies asking if we can change the fact that we don’t currently do business together, to asking how our mobile wallets work, we’ve hardly had a quiet moment at the booth. Just how we wanted it.

Unwire's full booth at MWC13

We’ve also had time to have a good walk around the centre and see what’s on display, and believe us, there are some awesome things on the way. Many of the exhibitors down here are looking for distributors, but some are already out there – even if they’ve only just been released, such as the beautiful HTC One – a really good-looking phone. We’ve had the chance to get our hands on tablets, phones, computers and other hardware, but we’ve also come across things that we didn’t expect to see, one of which was DryWired. DryWired are a nano-coating technology company who coat phones (or just about anything else) with a protective nano-coating around 2000 times thinner than a human hair. Once coated, phones can stay submerged for longer than 30 minutes.

We also had the luck to talk with some great guys from the mobile tech world. From exciting app start-ups to small but already very successful gadget companies, we’ve got a few interviews we’ll be sharing. The first is a great chat we had with Louis Tag, Managing Director of PASSNFLY, a brilliant new app aimed at travellers that aggregates all your recently booked flights – no matter who you’re flying with – automatically without you having to do anything, into one single app. The app then checks you into your flights, chooses your seat, receives updates from any airport, and notifies you of any changes i.e. flight delays or gate changes, all in real-time. Check it out below.

Time seems to be something of a precious commodity here, so editing and uploading is taking longer than hoped (the internet connection also leaves much to be desired!) but we’ll be sharing everything else as fast as we can!

That’s a short update for now. We’ll get back with more as soon as we can.

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