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Copenhagen 21/01/2013

Technology, society, the mobile landscape, us – things have changed, and it’s time we did something about it.

Over the past year – give or take a month or so – we’ve been undergoing some serious changes. We’ve looked at the world around us, at technology, society and our industry, and looked at ourselves. Something had to be done.

We’ve stripped ourselves down – website, identity and products – and built ourselves back up again, better than ever before. We’ve cut away all the fat, and created a leaner Unwire. We’ve created an identity that conveys who we are as a team and what we do far more accurately. We’ve divided our products into far more manageable categories – something that was much needed not only at Unwire, but also in the industry in general. Finally, we’ve designed and implemented a website that communicates and presents these changes, and that is far more suited to meeting your needs – whether you’re a marketing intern or a really techy project manager who knows their MNOs and APIs. Essentially, the result of all this self-reflection is a company and team far better equipped to meet the needs of those looking to make the most of mobile.


Our name, Unwire, speaks volumes. It states exactly what we believe in, and that hasn’t changed at all. We believe in being unwired. We want to make great products that live in the pockets of people all over the world, helping them unwire their lives. But how was this reflected in our old logo? Well, if we’re honest, it wasn’t.

We took our name as our starting point and went from there. There were certain ideas we had to somehow convey through our identity. We had to put interaction, mobility and of 360° wireless thinking in one, simple logo. Through a step-by-step process, we finally landed on something that did just that. We had Unwire represented in the centre of the logo, with our wireless technology radiating outwards. But while this signified the 360° aspect, it just shouted ‘broadcasting’. We were still lacking the interaction and change aspects we wanted, so we took the same design and placed them overlapping each other, and there it was. Suddenly we had wireless signals, interaction, mobility and 360° thinking. Our mobile technology radiates outwards, meeting that of our clients’, constantly interacting.

To round it off, we created a font that contained the sharp angles and rounded corners seen in our new logo, and also gave the appearance of being connected without actually being so.


We’re extremely proud of the final result. It is an accurate representation of who we are as a company, our team, what we believe in and what we do.


It was a new identity we wanted to make clear on the website too, which was already well underway. We had already begun to sort through our products – which you can read more about below – and had begun to restructure the site based on our three new product pillars.

The new is based on ease of use, simplicity and our three main product pillars. Our new tone of voice reflects who we are – people. We wanted to differentiate ourselves by being accessible to anyone – our clients, or their end-users. After all, their end-users are ultimately ours.

Our new website marks a radical departure from our previous. Even we got lost on our old site. The new, both in terms of content and design, positions us as a B2B company accessible to anyone regardless of how much you know about APIs and gateways.


Going hand-in-hand with this accessibility were our products. What we really wanted to do was move from being a solution-based company to being a product-based company. This was a huge task. We had spent the last 13 years based around individual solutions. Unlearning everything we had learnt was going to take time, but we were determined. After all, how could we expect to be understood if what we do was lost in jargon, buried behind multiple clicks and as fragmented as it was? Our Product Managers, team members and management spent a great deal of time looking at our products, finding out what was successful, what wasn’t, what was in demand and what wasn’t, and what we could package neatly, so that our products could even be sold directly via our website.

We landed on three main pillars, Mobile Messaging, Mobile Payments and Mobile Ticketing. Within each category can be found our products; simple, straightforward, and transparent.

The new product structure

Weaving our identity, our new website and our product pillars together ensures an integration we were lacking before. The final results help us to stand out from the crowd and help establish Unwire as a true, strong brand in the mobile industry.

We’d love to hear your views about our new site and identity – feel free to let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn.


With the launch of our much improved website and identity, we’re also launching ourselves into the social world. Why? The answer is simple. We want to be in touch; we want to share; and we want to learn. We know we’re a B2B company, but we are more than aware that it’s not just you – businesses – who use our products, it’s your customers too, and this adds another element to who we are.

You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and soon, Facebook and Google+.

So pop by and say hello. We’d love to get in touch.

For more information:
Lara Mulady
Online Communications Manager
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