Unwire and The Eurovision Song Contest: Another Great Year

Copenhagen 05/06/2013

Once again, Scandinavian SMS voting for The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 goes without a glitch.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge event. Approximate 125 million people tune in each year, eager to see their country compete.

Germany based digame mobile GmbH have been responsible for worldwide televoting since 2004, and Unwire have, since the beginning, had the honor of being responsible for all the Scandinavian SMS votes for the Eurovision Song Contest.

It’s always great fun, especially the finals, as a small and dedicated team remains in house to ensure the smooth running of the system. This year was certainly no different! We had the semi-finals on the Tuesday and Thursday previous, and then of course the grand finale on Saturday, May 18th. Things couldn’t have gone smoother thanks to the hard work of a number of the Unwire team, and of course digame mobile GmbH.

While exact figures are secret, we can say that we saw more votes from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway come through the system than last year.

These big events are always nerve wracking, especially when there’s so much media focus, but we have a great deal of faith in our system – and our staff! What makes things even more intense is the extremely short voting interval. After all the songs, people only have 15 minutes to vote! That’s a huge influx of data happening in an extremely short space of time. Once more, the Eurovision Song Contest only helps to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of our system and team.

Finally, big congratulations to Denmark who won this year!


Photo credit: Sander Hesterman

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