VisionThe past, the present and the future

The past…

Unwire was born in 1999, and although we’re headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, we’re also in five other countries spread over the globe, giving us international expertise as well as valuable local insight.

From day one, mobile payments, mobile ticketing and mobile messaging have been our obsessions. But while our experience means we’re experts, we never stop learning; our industry is constantly evolving. It certainly keeps us on our toes, and it also means we’re able to equip our clients with some of the most powerful, effective and advanced mobile solutions available today.

The present…

We’re made up of around 120 people, and it’s these people the company is built around. We have some of the most talented and ambitious designers, user-experience enthusiasts, coders, communicators and dreamers who bring the belief and energy of a start up to our experienced roots, and keep our spirit alive and kicking.

Our clients are primarily from within telecom, transport, finance and media but this is by no means a definitive list; we’re always open for new opportunities. While we’re dedicated to creating lasting business value for our clients we don’t see ourselves as a traditional B2B company. We never forget that our clients’ customers are our end-users (in many cases, they’re us). This gives us clarity and simplicity; if they’re happy, our clients are happy, and if our clients are happy, then we’re happy. It’s as simple as that.

To keep all this happiness flowing, we base our design and technological development on end-user insights, and we work with our clients continuously from idea conception and design all the way through to support. In our minds this is the only way to get the job done well, and getting the job done well is important when you have ambitions like we do.

The future…

We’re headed for some serious growth. Technology is evolving, our industry is constantly disrupted, and the world will make the inevitable move to mobile. This is where we will be; creating the best possible mobile payment, mobile ticketing and SMS solutions that will live in the pockets of people all over the world.

Unwire owns Swedish mobile ticketing validation company, inmodo, and mobile payments company, Pertura. In turn, Unwire is owned by the investment group, Maj Invest.


We know that technology will always stay one step ahead of us. But we will chase it. It’s a chase that will force us to integrate the unexpected, to seek solutions to unforeseen problems, to constantly explore new territory, and to adapt, evolve and grow.

But that’s what we believe in. We believe in progression. We believe in disruption. We believe in creating the greatest mobile payment, mobile ticketing and messaging products possible, and putting them in the pockets of people all over the world.

But that’s what we believe in. We believe in progression. We believe in disruption. We believe in helping create innovative mobile products that improve everyday experiences for millions of people. We believe in making daily life mobile.

If that’s not worth chasing, we don’t know what is.

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