Just as credit cards diminished the need for cash and banknotes, so mobile payments will push the need for credit cards and traditional wallets into the past. Mobile payments offer convenience, ease and personalisation for you and your customers in virtually any industry, from transportation to vending machines.

We have three Mobile Payment products. Two are completely brandable white label wallet products for mobile payment. Both offer the security, speed and ease expected from mobile payments, and both can be customised entirely to match your brand, but each has their unique differences. The third is our trusted and powerful Payment Gateway API.

NFC Wallet

  • Our NFC Wallet lives in a smartphone app, enabling your end-users to shop smarter, faster and more securely. It’s best thought of as a physical wallet, just in digital form. Cash, credit/debit cards, coupons, and loyalty cards are all gathered and stored in one neat app. All your end-users have to do is tap their phone at an NFC-enabled terminal to pay, redeem a voucher, or use their loyalty cards. It’s that simple NFC Wallet  

Online Wallet

  • Our mobile Online Wallet lives in the digital cloud. It puts you and your users instantly in touch with all payment possibilities, revolutionizing digital payments. All information – from bank details to loyalty cards – is stored in the cloud, so no matter what platform is being used to pay – computer browser, smartphone or even SMS – the information is already there, allowing for instant payment. Online Wallet  

Payment Gateway API

  • Our mobile Payment Gateway API gives you immediate and straightforward access to payment methods in over 170 countries, and offers premium SMS, direct account debits, mobile wallets, credit card payments, invoicing and factoring solutions. Whether used on web, mobile or in an app, the gateway is optimized for each solution ensuring a smooth transaction process for your customers. Payment Gateway API  

We take care of technical integration, commercial agreements with payment services, payment management, billing, reporting and also offer any level of service agreement you need, even 24/7, 365 days a year if needs be, so all you have to think about is your business.

While we set industry standards within mobile technology, we also focus on the usability and design of this technology. We want our products to look good, feel good and be easy to use. We have some of the best digital designers available, who focus solely on the user-interface (both yours and your customers). Their main concern is that your final wallet, whether mobile or online, reflects your brand, your wishes, and maintains your standards.

By including mobile payment– no matter what kind – in your existing business, you not only provide your customers with a quick, easy and secure way to pay (at any time, day or night), you’re also keeping your business on top of the technological changes the world inevitably goes through.

If you’re not sure which would suit your need best, just call or email us. We’ll be more than happy to talk things over with you.

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