MobileTicketing & Vouchers

Mobile ticketing is exploding. We’re talking billions of dollars via millions of mobiles. The prospective uses for mobile tickets are virtually (no pun intended) unlimited. From buses and trains, cinemas, parking, concerts, theme parks and many more, mobile ticketing can provide an extremely cost- effective, simple and environmentally friendly alternative to standard tickets.

In 2012, we processed approximately 25 million tickets, from simple fixed distance tickets to complete custom ticket campaigns. All our Mobile Ticketing products are hosted on our highly flexible platform that supports a broad range of payment methods and technologies, and is managed by our own dedicated operations team. This means that no servers or software need to be installed at your end. We also offer any level of service agreement you need, even 24/7, 365 days a year if needs be, leaving very little for you to worry about. But we’re not just about the tech; we place a large amount of focus on design and usability. We want what we deliver to you to feel good, look good, and be highly intuitive for both you and your customer.

We offer three completely brandable white label Mobile Ticketing products, and our API:

SMS Tickets

  • SMS Tickets are exceedingly common. Every phone supports SMS, making it the most logical (and simple) technology when it comes to ordering and delivery of mobile tickets. SMS Tickets  

App Tickets

  • Apps are fast becoming a common way to purchase tickets. While apps are restricted to smartphones, smartphones themselves are becoming increasingly popular. Downloading, installing and using an app is second nature to many, and people are more and more likely to use an app for ticket purchase. App Tickets  

Web-to-SMS Tickets

  • Web-to-SMS tickets are ideal for when the journey or event requires a level of information that would be too confusing to place within an app, and too detailed to order via SMS. They’re also ideally suited for journeys or events that are planned for a later date – App Tickets and SMS Tickets are typically used for immediate travel and/or events. Web-to-SMS Tickets  

Ticketing API

  • Our Mobile Ticketing API is for those of you who would like to take advantage of our technical know-how. It’s ideal for anyone who already has an app or online payment portal designed but needs an established ticketing system in order to offer and issue mobile tickets. Ticketing API  

The benefits of our Mobile Ticketing products are significant. For your customer, they create a quick, secure and simple way of purchasing and using tickets. There’s no worry about lost or stolen tickets, no fumbling with cash, and no need to queue for tickets; you can meet them when they want, and where they want.

For you, they save money; ticket dispensers become redundant, meaning repairs, maintenance, and replacements are no longer worries. They eliminate the need for paper, helping your company do its bit for the environment, and they even allow for unique customer insights and loyalty opportunities, opening up further business prospects. Once set up, our intuitive online administration interface allows you to configure your ticket services, monitor sales performance and set up new ticket products and campaigns. Last but not least, they create a positive brand effect for your company.

Our solutions are 360-degree, meaning we’re able take care of everything, from initial ideation and design, all the way through to ticket validation if required. Mobile Ticketing validation can be carried out via a number of methods from simple visual validation, to complete digital validation of a unique identifier, significantly reducing the chances of fraud.

If you’d like to hear more reasons to go mobile, if you’re interested in hearing more about a certain type of ticket, or if you’d just like to know more about the gateway, just give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be more than happy to take you through it all, no matter what your needs.

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