Customers authorise a payment by physically tapping the tap and pay box at the register. The user experience is similar to ApplePay/NFC.


Convenience of paying with traditional payment methods, account-account transfers, domestic schemes, loyalty points or merchants own payment schemes.


Support multiple protocols simultaneous, e.g. loyalty, payment and promotions

Patented technology

  1. SDK for scanning, tap detection and two-way communication between the mobile device and the Unwire Connect tapping point.
  2. Firmware and hardware specifications for BLE Peripherals dongle acting as an Unwire Connect tapping point used for ex. Point-of-Sale.
  3. Analytics Platform enabling machine learning that constantly adjust to new devices and user behaviour.

Why bluetooth?

Freedom and independence for businesses and customers with a device-agnostic customer experience on both Android and iOS.

Fast pairing. Under 0.3 seconds
Secure pairing within 10 cm
Separate tapping point to prevent NFC takeover
Simple payment terminal installation using RS232/USB connections

“We can’t expect customers to choose a payment system based on the type of phone they own. The winning solution will be the one offering payment systems across all devices.”

Supporting the right
checkout experience

Unwire connect is the perfect solution for fast and easy pairing between a customer’s phone and existing payment infrastructure. Initially launched in January 2016. Over 90% of checkout lanes in Denmark have Unwire Connect (Q2 2017) (i.e. 81% of all supermarkets). Over 60% of all Danish Banks support Unwire Connect with their mobile wallets


For small merchants without a counter or merchants with roaming employees


For small to medium sized merchants with a single or a few checkout counters


For large merchants with several checkout lanes