Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

DART is a transit agency serving the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex of Texas. It operates buses, light rail, commuter rail, and high-occupancy vehicle lanes in Dallas and twelve of its suburbs. DART was created in 1983 to replace a municipal bus system, and today more than 60 million passengers rides a year are completed on the network.

DART and Unwire have since 2013 worked together on implementing the best-in-class mobility solution on the market. Since the first launch where consumers could buy tickets and special passes, the solution has been extended with new features and modernized.

GoPass app today

GoPass is the all-in-one travel tool that is like having a travel-sized tour guide at your side. It is the easy way to buy transit passes for DART and partners, and is 100% digital.

The features include:

  • Mobile ticketing which allows you to purchase passes and store them for up to 60 days.
  • Pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or use the cash-to-mobile option where you can load cash to your GoPass Wallet at retail locations.
  • Real-time trip planning with step-by-step navigation, and ability to to save your favorite routes, stops and pass types.

In September 2018 GoPass also introduced Mobile Fare Capping, where users have their monthly costs capped, so even if you purchase multiple daily passes you will never pay more than than the equivalent 31-day pass. Simple and convenient.

“The GoPass app and it’s advanced capabilities, is the first of it’s kind in the industry. The recent version securely positions the app as a mobility manager platform that provides Mobility as a Service without regard to mode or provider. We can offer a wide range of payment methods that serves every user, and Unwire’s platform allows us to introduce new services and offers to our consumers with a short turn-around time”.

Mobility On-demand

As part of the FTA sponsored Mobility On-demand project Unwire has worked, together with DART, to extend the multimodal trip planner with integrations to car pooling, micro transit on-demand services, bike and car sharing services. Also, to provide users with the capability to pay for 3rd party transport services using funds in the GoPass Wallet using the Wallet API.

GoLink service

Micro-transit on-demand services (“GoLink”) have been seamlessly integrated into the GoPass journey planner to offer first mile and last mile options for regions extending beyond Dart’s network of fixed routes. Users can get trip estimates, book, pay and execute the full ride without leaving the GoPass app. Uber is also integrated to the journey planner offering ride estimates and prices. Bird electric scooters are shown as icons on the travel tools map and where the user can deep link out to the Bird app to book a ride. More 3rd party service providers and capabilities will be deeply integrated into the multimodal trip planner in the future so both trip execution and payment can be handled without leaving the GoPass app.

Unwire Mobility Platform

The vision of Unwire is to provide digital solutions to transport agencies, that supports the cities in becoming more sustainable. By providing consumers with convenient and powerful tools, we make public transportation a competitive alternative, which is also one of the 15 goals set by UN.

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