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Communication guidelines.

In order to ensure fairness and equality for all partners involved in mobile services, the mobile network operators in each country in the Nordics established guidelines for them all to operate by. These cover information in regards to requirements about, for example, what information must be displayed in marketing material and the permission you need to gain for certain campaigns. Each country differs, and there’s a fair amount of information – it’s not to be missed.



An ethical framework agreement between TDC, Telenor, Telia Denmark and HI3G Denmark (in Danish)


The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Telecommunications Services (in Swedish)

Morgan Code of Conduct
Code of conduct for mobile premium services and location-based services (in Swedish)

Ethical Guidelines
Ethical rules for Premium Rate Call Services


CPA Guidelines English
Legal requirements for content providers

CPA Guidelines Norwegian
Legal requirements for content providers

The Ethical Committee for Premium Rate Services (in Finnish)