End-to-end mobile payment solutions.

As the Nordic market leader, we excel in rapid speed-to-market for innovative mobile payment technologies. We provide a complete platform for mobile wallets and payment systems out-of-the-box, with services that integrates to real-time payments or EMV/card based schemes. Unwire’s work at the forefront of BLE technologies pioneers tomorrows solutions for payment acceptance and terminals.

Mobile Dankort using bluetooth

Retailers are using the bluetooth technology for convenient and flexible payment in Denmark, thereby enabling consumers to connect and pay with local payment schemes across mobile platforms.

Mobile solutions for Swish Merchants

Unwire developed a platform for Nordea Bank Sweden to enable Swish merchants to manage their in-coming Swish customer mobile payments. The solution enables a wide variety of merchants to view payments, create refunds and speed-up Swish connectivity by generating QR codes for Swish users to scan.

BLE Tap and Pay

Unwire Connect a device-agnostic bluetooth tap and pay solution for payments, loyalty and promotions. Similarly to ApplePay and NFC, customers authorise payments by physically tapping at checkout. Our solution offers freedom and independence for businesses and customers, on all platforms (iOS, Android)

Mobile Payment Platform

Mobile Payment Platform which provides Person-to-Person, merchant payment and e-commerce out of the box. Designed to work with instant payment systems and open banking APIs, independent of existing card schemes. (iOS, Android)

Unwire Payment Platform Modules

Our platforms are optimised for fast deployment and  robust performance.





Host Card Emulation


Mobile API


Person to Person

/ P2P

In-App and

App Switching


Low Energy Pairing


Point of Sale



Optimise your market reach by delivering
flexible and scalable mobile payment

Market leading mobile payment solutions

Forecast of mobile payment transaction value

  • Cloud-based point of sale
  • Payments apps for direct payments and point of sale transactions
  • Unwire Connect for beacons and Bluetooth payments at retail shops
  • Wallet services beyond payments (e.g. loyalty, shop finder, etc.)
2019 108.00 / Billions (USD)
2018 93.00 / Billions (USD)
2017 78.00 / Billions (USD)
2016 62.24 / Billions (USD)
2015 24.63 / Billions (USD)
2014 7.51 / Billions (USD)